"The Mower" bronze sculpture and plaque.
The Park entrance sign at Back Line and Power's Road, Goulds.
Mayor O'Keefe (City of St. John's), Elaine Bidgood (Bidgood Family), and Leonard Ruby (Farming Community) at the Park's ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Blue Flag Irises
The wetlands boardwalk crossing Cochrane Pond Brook.
Sandhill Crane at Bidgood Park. (Photo: Lisa de Leon)
The off-leash dog park with space for small and large dogs.
A spring duckling swimming by the footbridge (Photo: Shawn Fitzpatrick)

Preserving Our Community's Heritage

Bidgood Park commemorates the rich agricultural history of the Goulds in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a 38-acre passive-recreation park that offers fantastic opportunities for nature walks, wildlife viewing, and learning about farming traditions.

A vibrant, green, open-space for residents to enjoy for years to come

Dennis O'Keefe - Mayor, City of St. John's

Park History

Dedication Plaque

Natural History

"The Mower" Sculpture by Gerald Squires

A sculpture in motion. "The Mower" is a 6'2" life-sized bronze figure of a man swinging a scythe, a traditional farming tool used to mow hay. This piece, along with a sculpted dedication plaque, are works created by Gerald Squires and installed in Bidgood Park to honour the heritage and farming traditions of the Goulds. Read more about this sculpture and the 'lost wax' method used by Squires.


City of St. John's
$1, 066,363

Goulds Lions Club

Esso Imperial Oil Foundation 2007

Roger and Jennie Bidgood

27 Private Donors


Newfoundland and Labrador

Imperial Oil Foundation 2008

TD Friends of the Environment

Government of Canada

Husky Oil